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The Lyrics: Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts is one of the debut tracks from The Valley City. Written in 2017, this song takes a hard look at today's endless parade of misinformation and addresses the need to stand up for the truth.

Watch a live performance of the song, listen to it on Soundcloud and follow along with the lyrics below!

The Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Alternative Facts, misleading you,
Messin’ with the medium,
Keepin’ the people down, at the status quo, 
Leavin’ em; with no choice, and no voice, 
And nowhere to go,
For answers, checks and balances,
Cheque books will challenge the truth,
For what we don’t know, can’t be used,
To attack the power structure, 
Shit, people abused, for standing up, 
Speaking out, kicking up a little doubt,
We ain’t on the right path, 
Time to peep another route,
Seems like we got a problem here,
Without a solution,
Don’t let ‘em turn our free press,
Into their paid pollution,
Through confusion; exclusion, 
The “Affluenza Illusion,”
Abusing the system everywhere they can, 
And you can’t,
Revolution’s what we probably need,
Or else it’ll be the same old archival,
Agenda driven shit, 
Powerful people and their rivals,
Will go to great lengths, 
To destroy the perception of truth,
To get what they’re after, 
Issa disaster, twenty-First century savage, 
The rapture,
Chaos peaks demand,
Put the cash in hand,
If you control the supply,
Mess up the market on command,
We can’t stand by and just let it all happen,
Gotta stand up for ourselves,
Because they want you to abandon,
The pursuit of truth,
Always be asking for proof,
If it sounds too good to be true,
Be careful what you choose...

This message is brought to you by,
Those who wish to profit from the lies,
They try to discredit all fact as fiction,
Blurred lines, keep us all blind to the mission,
This message is brought to you by,
You don’t need to know, 
So just stay in line,
Got you wadin’ through clickbait, 
Celebrity gossip, 
Time to stand up, and take back,
The power we lost, kid!

[Verse 2]
This goes out to those that choose,
To question the news,
Or refuse to buy the line of the day,
Never blindly believing,
Every word that people say,
Cuz it’s way too easy to get caught up,
And led astray, 
Hey – we’re livin’ in spin, 
Each class with its own cycle,
The news never stops, 
Unless ad revenue drops,
Then it’s survival, by reporting the viral,
Sensationalizing the downward spiral,
Whatever it takes to distract,
Dismantle my rivals,
Don’t let a billionaire convince you,
That he cares about your issues,
Keep questioning, 
What you’re hearing people tell you,
We can get through, even if it’s a struggle,
Gotta resist the dumb-down,
Flex your knowledge like a muscle, 
Don’t let ‘em hustle you,
Push hard, for that transparency, 
Can’t count on accountability,
Gotta make it tough for them to be,
Pushing empty promises, lies, makin’ deals,
Behind closed doors, in-camera,
Greasy palms, squeaky wheels,
Listen for the whistleblower, 
From inside the machine,
And prepare yourself, 
For when they put up, the smokescreen,
Can’t trust anybody now, 
Cuz agendas are plentiful,
“Just to get by,” when push comes to shove,
Morals are bendable, expendable, undependable,
But at least they’re, mendable,
Gotta be sure, we don’t fall, 
To the incomprehensible...


[Verse 3]
The crazy part about today is, 
If enough celebrities say it,
Enough people might believe it,
And they all might start to treat it,
As the truth…despite a lack of proof,
Uncouth, unmoved by the presentation of fact, 
They parachuting,
Making leaps of faith, 
Jumping to conclusions, 
Illusions, distorting information, 
Who is really losing?
It’s the people, not the one percent,
Tellin’ you they know how ya feel,
From a high-rise suite, 
Overlooking the hills,
It’s a bitter pill to swallow,
But the world’s a business, 
Driven by interests,
Personal, political, suspicious at worst, 
Criminal at best,
Hard to digest, and not detest, 
The situation, but we gotta coalesce, 
And come together,
Find a way to make it right, unite,
Let the powers that be, 
Know that we’re down for a fight,
Keep your alternative facts, 
I’m here for the real thing,
If you don’t stand for nothing, 
You’ll fall for anything,
Like how we’re taught the west is best,
The model for others to follow,
Don’t let them trick you today,
Then take away your tomorrow,
Whether it’s Trump or some other chump
Who’s trying to feed you lies
Remember the “Bad Guys,”
Ain’t always the ones,
You’re taught to despise…