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The Lyrics: One Day At a Time II

O.D.A.T. II is a song about the everyday struggle that we all face, each in our own unique ways. There is still a lot of stigma when it comes to mental health and talking about what you're really feeling, but it's important to take the power away from those thoughts. Remember, we're all just out here taking it One Day At a Time, together.

Watch the video below from a December 6, 2017 performance at The Almanac, listen to the studio version on Soundcloud and follow along with the lyrics!

The Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
I wish for happiness,
When the numbers on my timepiece line up.
I know it's stupid, but just in case, 
I keep it going and such.
All I wanna be is happy, all I know is, 
I probably can't be,
So I take it ODAT...
Treadin' the floods, like barely,
Can it be, that I just lack the strength,
To face up to my demons?
Feelings got me screamin, demeaning me, 
Scheming on a way to leave 'em...
But I can't do it - treason,
Can't keep doing this - believing,
That I'm a Bad Boy, with No Way Out, 
Ready to Die...deceiving,
When I write it all down, I think, 
Damn...that's pretty dark,
With all this off my shoulders, 
Would it be a walk in the park?
Tryna get it off my chest, 
My heart, it's ripping my ribs apart,
Opening me up...maybe, 
I just need, a bit of a, fresh start,
But where, what, why, and how? 
Questions got me feelin down,
Screaming at the top of my lungs, 
But no sound. Am I suffocating? 
Get to defibrillating,
Oh wait, it’s just another day,
Take your medicine, 
Head down, and on your way…
One Day at a Time, 
It should be simple enough,
But minute to minute, 
I’m second guessing, assessing, 
And fighting the urge to give up,
What would it prove? 
What would you lose? 
What about those around you dude?
Plus, if you keep fighting, 
It gives you some verisimilitude,
What the fuck does that mean? 
Oh, the appearance of truth?
Maaaaan, you can’t worry about, 
How other people see you,
Just be true to you,
Your partner, fam, people: your crew,
If you got ‘em, but if not, 
Just do what you gotta do…

One Day at a Time, 
It should be simple enough…
But I’m caught up in the middle, 
Of the riddle that I’m livin...
One Day at a Time, 
It should be simple enough…
Gotta keep moving, 
Keep pushing, keep feeling...

[Verse 2]
Self-medicating, jury deliberating,
Everyday I’m tryna save face, 
But end up, just losing patience,
What do you do when it’s like, 
You’ve got nothin left to look forward to?
That’s a vague-ass problem...
And there’s more important things to do,
Then one day you think,
Why am I keeping myself from the brink?
Just to work, then sleep, then work...
Then what? I guess think?
About my morality, mortality,
The point of my battle, see?
Don’t know what I’m fighting for,
It’s confusing, but I guess I’m tryna be…
Better than, what I’m currently,
Thinking maybe I should try,
A little harder...
I just want ‘em to say,
“He was a good guy,”
Even though in my head, 
I’m convinced, it’s only kinda true,
Like what a politician feels, 
And what they might say in an interview,
Maybe, I’m just an interlude, 
In somebody else’s story…
And there’s nothing more here for me,  
Except the glow of their glory,
But listen, oratory’s my territory, 
So I try to just talk it through…
And over, the sound of the space, 
Between me and you,
Cuz if I’m debating the point,
The who, the where and the why?
It’s you and it’s here, or there,
But it’s not, and I’ll be alright,
Despite, slipping and falling, 
And struggling, to stand back up,
Try to just, dust yourself off, 
And keep moving, you’re not stuck,
It might feel that way; sky’s grey; 
Flipping through a calendar, 
Couldn’t find a date,
Alternating between, self-hate
And feeling great…
With you, as a piece of the puzzle, 
The picture, it became a bit clearer,
But now I’m back to square one, 
Looking in that rearview mirror...


[Verse 3]
It could all be so much better, 
But sometimes, pain comes from pleasure,
Might see it coming, 
But it’s tough to forecast, 
The bad weather,
One of the hardest truths to face, 
Is that: “Life Goes On,”
That is to say: nothing you do, 
Can’t be moved on from,
But sometimes, it feels like all there is, 
Left to life, is just living,
The same old existence,
Dealing within depression’s limits,
It’s got me feeling so low, 
That it’s like my matter don’t matter,
It’s like how and why? 
And who gives a fuck what? 
Everything just makes me feel badder,
Scattered my thoughts, extremes,
And it seems,
Like maybe, I hate myself,
But it’s a little complicated,
Well, don’t recognize, who I used to be,
Who is this that I’ve become?
Thinking about it all’s,
Got me feeling pretty numb,
Pretty dumb; speechless, 
Even though it happens every time,
I’m losin’ focus,
Feeling like a damn punchline
I know it could always be worse, 
But that don’t make it any better,
When you’re pickin’ up the pieces,
After crumbling to pressure,
Whether or not, you’re ready to move on,
The past is gone,
And it’s not comin’ back, 
No matter what I write in this song,
Who knows, what it all means, 
Without whatever the future brings?
But maybe that’s enough of a reason,
Now, to keep moving…
And pressing forward,
Bored with how the game is being scored but,
Gotta make some changes, 
Rearrange and get yourself in order,
If you're struggling day-to-day, 
And got, dues you're tryna pay,
Remember: we’re all, taking it One Day At a Time,