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The Lyrics: The Truth (Hurts)

The Truth (Hurts) is a song about the attack on "the truth" and the realization that "sometimes the truth hurts, even though it might set you free." For us to move forward as a society, there are difficult conversations that need to be had despite the uncomfortable truths that exist around us.

The video below was filmed at The Almanac on December 6, 2017. You can also listen to the track on Soundcloud and check out the lyrics below!

The Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
A lot of foul shit’s happening,
In the world today,
You blink and miss a massacre,
Try to act, it’s too late,
For some, their story’s over,
Book's closed, and put away,
For others just,
Makin’ it through the day’s,
The day-to-day,
It could be poverty,
Or somethin’ you can’t see,
Keepin ‘em down, brave-faced,
Facing the world,
Takes more muscles to frown,
Than to smile, but sometimes,
Yo, life takes work,
One day, you’re doing the hurting,
The next day, you’re getting hurt,
External pressures, internal stressors,
Making you lose track,
Of what’s important,
And what’s not, difficult to bounce back,
When you’ve been let down,
Easy or hard, don’t matter,
Illusions got me disillusioned,
Am I, sadder, or madder?
That world’s not the place that maybe I,
Thought it was,
Guess all I can really do is be there,
For the people I love,
But I need that love back,
In this world, it's so whack,
When “Good News” just means,
“No Bad News,”
We gotta get back on track...

Sometimes the truth hurts,
Even though it might set you free,
Or get you locked up, locked down,
Physically or mentally, you gotta be,
Ready for the pain, before the gain,
Sometimes the truth hurts,
When it swings back your way… (X2)

[Verse 2]
Man it’s hard to just be,
Never mind, be positive,
When it seems like everybody’s straight,
Tryna tell us how to live,
They tell us not to hate, unless,
Directed at this or that,
As long as it helps the bottom line,
Helps us get our enemies back,
And then regimes change,
Enemies and allegiances shift,
Then it happens over and over,
Til there’s no making sense of it,
Blood on everybody’s hands,
Yo, pass the sanitizer,
Man I’m, prayin’ for knowledge,
But we’re getting no wiser,
As a people, gotta fight hard,
Against the fake facts,
Ask questions, stay curious,
It’s all, schemes and scams,
Try to, not take, the phisher’s bait,
Everybody’s tryna get you for your money,
So don’t, fall for the fake,
It’s wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere,
Tryna take you off the trail,
The noise is louder than the signal,
But no one’s too big to fail,
We’ve got to stay headstrong,
Because, we’re not here for long,
So don’t let a bad note,
Ruin your whole damn song…


[Verse 3]

I sit back,
Get a little buzzed on a couple levels,
Feels like, it’s all I can do,
To keep my mind on the level,
Sorta settled, I guess, I mean,
Kinda like a little; our society’s,
Got me feeling doped up,
Numb, brittle,
It's like: violence and corruption,
And corruption and violence,
Misdirection, misinformation,
Interference for your silence,
Anonymous sources,
Are claiming a bit of this,
Some of that; meanwhile,
Reps for the accused,
Have no, comments to add…
Now they’re talking bout allegations,
They’ve been sitting on, waiting,
Tryna distract us enough,
That they can pay away court dates,
And get back to,
They’re meant for us anyway,
Got us lookin’ left,
Smack us with the right,
That’s how it goes today…
I guess all’s fair in love and war,
And the pursuit of money,
Unless you’re part of the 99 percent,
Then it’s not funny,
They take from the “Doing Okay,”
To better the rich,
Ignore the poor,
Can’t they just rely,
On their fellow citizens more?
It’s time to stand up,
To the few that’s in power,
And demand some truth, now,
Cuz the time is ours!