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The Lyrics: One Day At a Time II

O.D.A.T. II is a song about the everyday struggle that we all face, each in our own unique ways. There is still a lot of stigma when it comes to mental health and talking about what you're really feeling, but it's important to take the power away from those thoughts. Remember, we're all just out here taking it One Day At a Time, together.

Watch a video from a December 6, 2017 performance at The Almanac, listen to the studio version of the song on Soundcloud and follow along with the lyrics!

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The Lyrics: The Truth (Hurts)

The Truth (Hurts) is a song about the attack on "the truth" and the realization that "sometimes the truth hurts, even though it might set you free." For us to move forward as a society, there are difficult conversations that need to be had despite the uncomfortable truths that exist around us.

Check out a video from our performance at The Almanac on December 6, 2017, listen to the track on Soundcloud and check out the lyrics!

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The Lyrics: Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts is one of the debut tracks from The Valley City. Written in 2017, this song takes a hard look at today's endless parade of misinformation and addresses the need to stand up for the truth.

Watch a live performance of the song, listen to it on Soundcloud and follow along with the lyrics.

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