The Alternative Facts EP

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The Valley City is from Edmonton, Alberta. Follow us on Instagram @TheValleyCity



Welcome to the homepage of The Valley City. Here, you'll find news about the group, details of any projects we're working on and a heads up on any shows we're doing. Check it out below!


Performance Alert: Hip Hop Karaoke

In the spirit of trying to get some stage time in, Jim "JKrazy" Kerr will be at 9910 in Edmonton, Alberta, for Hip Hop Karaoke


The Valley City: LIVE

We recently had the pleasure of performing at a party for a group of friends. This is a result - a beauty 15-minute set where we perform the following tracks:

  1. I Met H.E.R. II
  2. ODAT (One Day At a Time)
  3. IWIDKU (I Wish I Didn't Know U)
  4. Alternative Facts